MSEP Episode 4: The Power of Belief in shaping Religious Experience

Welcome to the Mormon Spiritual Experiences Podcast!

In this fourth episode, I talk about how the kinds of religious experiences we’re capable of having depend on what we believe we’re capable of experiencing. In other words, how the belief in certain ideas makes them real to us.

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Media Attribution (in order of apperance) 

  1. Bumper Music: Peter Roe – Legend of Valor
  2. Intro Music: R. Kelly – I Believe I Can Fly
  3. Scientology Thetan explanation of Scientology Website
  4. Article about Thetans: Wikipedia
  5. Body Thetans: Project Gutenberg
  6. L. Ron Hubbard Body Thetan segment from Going Clear
  7. Steven Hassan quotes from his book Combatting Cult Mind Control
  8. Becky Fisher segment from Jesus Camp
  9. Personal stories from my experience
MSEP Episode 4: The Power of Belief in shaping Religious Experience


  1. Rachel Jackson

    I am very much enjoying your podcast. This subject greatly interests and fascinates me. ….and I think it’s good to get it out there and talk about it. I was never a Mormon, but I was a JW for about 25 years. I had my share of religious experiences, particularly as I transitioned out of the JWs , and I have my theories as to why that was. I’m looking forward to further episodes! BTW, I love your accent!

    1. shawn (Post author)

      Hi Rachel, thanks so much for coming by and commenting.

      Awww, thanks so much for liking my accent! I swear I totally had a burst of joy when you said that haha.

      Thanks for listening to the podcast and your comment. It is definitely a topic that deeply interests me. I have much information about this area as I have researched a lot but it takes time to create content. Comments like yours encourage me to get off my butt and create more content — thanks for that!

      BTW, would you be open to talking about your religious experiences?


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